Need ideas and/or feedback

I have recently spent almost a full month without doing much, if any printing. This was due to a need for new nozzles which still haven’t all arrived.

I also ran out of primer, so I literally had to put all my 3D printing stuff on hold all this time.

This has allowed me to do some thinking. I have had extremely limited success printing things with even a moderate amount of detail unless I supersized them. Even then there are issues. Solution: get a resin printer at some point next year.

That leaves me wondering exactly what to print with my current printer.
It does really well with terrain and scenery pieces so I could work on those.

I also had an issue with moisture damage in my bedroom walls. Since that needs fixed, I’ve been thinking about printing all sorts of things to adorn my walls with once the remodeling is finished.

I’m thinking shelves, wall-mounted display cases, turning the top of my new headboard into a giant succulent display piece, animated (or moving) hooks for hanging things, accent pieces, things to mount to the outside of my display cabinet, etc.

Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

Just looking to gather some ideas I might not think of myself.

Careful nothing good ever comes out of thinking.

You didn’t mention what printer it is and what slicer you use. When Cura 5 came out it was a major leap in the ability to print fine detail. How much detail are you looking for?

I keep forgetting that. I use a CreatBot F160 and Cura 5.xx. It can do fine details, but I can’t seem to get them to come out well enough to do anything other than scrap them. Thin pieces break off when I try to process them to remove rough spots, or when removing from supports, etc.

I am more looking for creative ideas on things to print to use for organizing, storage, and display in my room. A few people I know sent me towards thingiverse, but I actually find that site to have a confusing layout and function personally.