Need some help with first print

Hey guys i am new to 3D printing and new to this form. Just got a ender 3 v2. Tried doing my first print but didn’t succeed. Tension is good in the lines and bed is leveled. Here are photos of what I wanted to print and how it came. If someone can give me an idea of what to try to see how I can correct it and start print more things :grinning:

Ok so some general comments first. This object is a bit harder, You can’t print in space so something that is 90º to the upright and over changes will often need support. Until you get the hand of it I would suggest a simpler objects. I know it is hard to hear as we all have something in mind and want to jump into it. Baby steps. Look for things that have lots of posted makes (they are good models not all are) and don’t have over hangs.

These things all print well and are designed to do so with no supports.

There are a number of issues with the print you tried. You have not provided enough information to diagnose the issue. Before you end up with calibration things (which are coming) try the minisaur. It is easy and simple print and yet needs some decent calibration.

Use a PLA it also is easy and in your slicer (software) use the correct profile for the PLA and if it is generic profile (not brand specific) just be certain the temps are in the middle of the recommended range. Try that for fun.

keep an eye on it. From the print you posted it looks like it broke free of the bed and shifted and the temps might be off and it needed support.

The minsaure and a large surface area so it might not break free if the z calibration is off. Watch it if the print wiggles with the nozzle stop the print.

Most at this point will start on first layer calibration targets and link a ton oc calibration things. This is fine but boring. Try a print and just enjoy how cool it is don’t get frustrated ad mired in details yet. It will come.

lets see if the dinosaur or rex or the others print and start there.


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Oh printers often come with pre sliced files you could try one of them. Although they don’t always print well… Some printer companies don’t really care they just try to get lots of printers and lots of different models out there and quality control is not really a concern.

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It looks like you printed it without supports?

I would try flipping the item over in the slicer to reduce the amount of supports needed, but you will probably still needed supports for some of those interior cutouts.

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Thanks for all the help guys. This group is great. My lightsaber will have to wait a little to work on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am going to try the minsaure and also the boat and see how I make out. I am very excited to learn about all of them

Thanks again. I’ll keep u guys updated on how I make out.

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Right on man. The other guys here have good advice, keep us posted and we look forward to seeing what you make :slight_smile:

Hey guys so here is the update. Tried the boat benchmark. It was going good till the end. It was on its side when I came back to check it.

Here are the photos of the results. Is there a website that helps with adjusting the printer based on the results of the print.

Ok more interesting to print than cal targets. It is hard to tell from the bottom but can you see the text embossed on the bottom?

This looks like Z banding to me. Does the filament run smoothly it should be easily moved from the spool.

That temps are you using? Is the printer in an exceptionally draft area? (like an ac blowing on it?)

Look at the threaded rods. Do they look straight? Do they seem really wobbly?

Check belt tension, they need to be loose enough to move easily with little resistance (they should be able to be pinched and touch the other side with little effort but be tight enough they don’t slip. Especially the Y axis.

What material are you printing and what temp are you using?

I would suggest PLA if not already and around 210º or so.

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Make sure your item is on the workplane before you slice it. I spent lots of time troubleshooting before I realized that what I downloaded was not flat on the workplane. I also got lot of stability once I installed the Creality CR-Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kit. Good luck.

Guess what guys. It’s working. Ended up being a bad mother board and faulty power supply connection. Right after that everything is printing smooth.


Right on bud :slight_smile: glad you got it going.

What was wring with the motherboard? Was it fried or just the connection?

Power supply had a loose wire on it. The motherboard looked fine but when the guys are C3d printing canada swapped it it worked. We were all shocked because it was brand new.

I Wish i could say I was shocked. It seems to be a common occurrence, Shenzhen Technology co, ltd and subsidiaries, seem to have terrible fit and finish and often are guilty of poorly assembled creating tons of issues. The list of companies under their umbrella is monstrous, but seem to be related. Same types of parts some cloned bits. We had an employee admit that Shenzhen Piocreat 3D Technology Co., Ltd is owned by the same company as Shenzhen Creality 3d Technology Co., Ltd.

It all seems to be a big market share ploy to me. There are too many companies with the same name but for the middle bit. It is truly sad the we the consumer is the R&D department as they feed off the mods consumers make, and they make the consumer do quality control.