Need special PLA to support these new super high speed printers?

i should receive my new Creality K1 Max tomorrow;
in preparing for that i have been watching the usual youtube how-to videos; setup, testing, etc;
the latest one indicated that the spool of filament that comes with the printer is ‘creality hyper’; they then go on the say that the advertised speed of 600 mm/s is only obtainable using that type of filament;
( i cringe to know what kind of additive they added to support that );
is that claim true ?
if so, then intended print speed is something we need to have the filament manufacturers state ?
or we will only know ‘when we try it’ ?

I have a K1 and have printed PLA, PETG on it without an issue, not the Hyper PLA that came with the machine.
The only trial and error is the speed (usually at 300mm/s) and adding about 10 degrees to the regular extruder temp I use.
It hasn’t been an issue.

I have not had issues printing regular PLA,PETg, ASA at 450mm/s 8000mm/s acceleration. I would be curious but I am skeptical of the hype. It could be that it melts at a lower temperature? It all comes to the speed of the melting.

I have a k1 max and have used hyper pla, pla, tpu, petg, abs. Creality slicer uses 240 for hyper pla while generic pla is set at 230. I have run them both at 300mm/s. The hyper pla does produce a slighlty better qualty print … for me anyway… I have also setup a few preliminary cura profiles that seem to work pretty good at 300 mm/s. I vent all my printers to the outdoors. The K1 max has a charcoal filter.

thanks for the info, i noticed in the creality print (slicer) that they differentiate 3 types of pla;
hyper, silk and ‘standard’;
i much prefer the silk, what temp suggested for the silk ?

Looks like the suggested temp for silk PLA is 230

thanks, much appreciated

any chance you might share those cura profiles ?

OK. I’ll see if I can get a project file shared…

where are you located ? thailand here, it is 7:45 AM the 22nd

Canada - 8:49pm

The advertised speeds are achieved under ideal circumstances, the 600mm/s print is a single walled curvy looking thing, really easy to print at high speeds.

A more realistic printing speed is around 350mm/s at 20k accell, fortunately these speeds are still rippin fast. I print on the K1 with normal filament all the time, the only thing I need to do in order to reach the flow needed is to pump the temperatures up a bit. Usually around 10C is all I need in order for it to flow correctly, but you can experiment on your own.