Need to find a way to link supports

I am using the newest release of cura 5.4 and while the changes make an incredible difference in the tree supports, I am having issues.

With the settings I have:

Using this model:

I have the supports often ending up like this:

This uses far less materials than it used to, but some of the supports will be problematic for my printer (Creatbot F160). With many of the supports going straight up, my printer is almost guaranteed to knock those over and ruin the print.

Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust settings to make those bases far wider so that the supports are far more conical up to where they branch?
I can’t seem to figure out exactly what settings to change and by how much to achieve this.

The other way it might help me is if someone might know how to link those thin, tall supports so that they don’t get knocked over and are far steadier.

Please help. I have actually stopped printing a month or more ago to take a break and figure more things out. I also can’t really use my printer right now as my basement is in disarray from moisture in the walls.

I’d love to figure this, and some other things out before I eventually am able to get back to printing.

Try and adjust the settings I have circled, they would make the supports less vertical and larger diameter.
Also by making them larger they will link up more at the base, hence making them more stable.

These are the settings I use.

Pretty sure the brim will help with this as well. You can increase it till the connect

Another thing to try if you don’t already, is set a small z hop for travel moves . It isn’t a replacement for sturdier supports, but it can at least reduce the chances of supports getting hit.

I mean it’s not a perfect way to do it but I have designed supports into my model, I just make a really thin Wall there they connect to my model and usually break away pretty easily. Depends on the scenario though whether this will work.

thanks. Experimenting with the specified settings helped