Need to replace Fan/Hot End cover, STL recommendations?

Hey all,

So in working on the nozzle and cleaning everything out, the cover accidentally touched the hot end/ heater block and melted a clip that goes into the back plate you screw into. Anyone have a good replacement print for this?

(I am seriously hating myself for these little mishaps, but I guess I get to learn all about maintenance and repair)

The cover is 100% dependent on the design of the hot end and the design of the carriage.

You’ll need to tell us what printer this is for, whether it’s a stock hot-end, and if not stock, the what model hot-end you put on it.

Hello again @LEGOManiac

It’s literally just the stock stuff. (I should have known to include all the relevant information, thanks for the reminder!)

It’s for my Ender 3v2 with stock hot end and fan.

I don’t know enough about the specifics of the E3V2 to even know what the shroud looks like, but I did find this on thingiverse:

As I say, I have no experience with them, but hey, printing is cheap.

Otherwise I’ll leave it for someone else to give a more model-specific answer if these aren’t suitable.

Maybe this will help:
Ender 3 V2 by jimbobwest - Thingiverse

This should be a good one. I use their other one with the 5051 blower fan for cooling.

Thanks everyone! Nothing to it but to do it.