Need urgent help with cr-10 smart

just bought my CR-10 smart 1 day ago. I am facing issue of power outage it wont auto resume and give this error attached. I tried resetting printer. changing sd card. but nothing works

@Amaan my suggestion as this is a public form you are best to point this to the seller or Creality support. A group of individuals might be able to make suggestions but if it comes to something major wrong you will end back at the seller or manufacturer. You might as well start there as well. off the top of my head I cannot fathom why this printer would fail like this. I don’t actually have much experience with Creality branded printers and zero with the 10 smart.

HI @Amaan I would agree with @kitedemon.

I have some experience in the electronics field and if this only happened after you had a power failure the precursive “brown” in the lines may have done something funky to the power supply or mainboard if it got that far.

Were you able to successfully print on it before the power fluctuation?

If bad luck needs a friend, If you were not able to get a successful print-off before the power outage it may be just something like the power selector switch is not set correctly and the power issue had no effect on the functionality of the printer.