New 3-D printing

New 3-D printingHaving problems getting the prank to stick to the table. Try and purple glue stick right now playing with the bad temperatures any help would be appreciated

Hi @Jan, what are your print settings and what filament are you printing with?

using 1.75 mm PLA blue.
Printing temperature 200 C
Bed 65c
Yes I know the Internet makes a lot of dangerous people I was looking for some help and a couple places recommended Elmers purple glue that’s what I’m using

What I would like you to do is print a temperature tower and post the results here.

Hi Jan,
Most important is that your bed is level and clean. Then add your glue stick.
Print at 50mm/s and make sure that your slicer is set to your nozzle size.
Standard nozzle is a .4.
Print a skirt around your print at least 2 outlines so you can double check your level.
Your skirt line should have a slight bump to it. If it’s flat you are too close, if the bump is too big you are too far away.
I print PLA on my printers 210-215 with 60 bed.

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Thanks for the information I’ll keep working at it every little bit of information is a step closer to perfection