New day, new issue :)

Hello again!

Ive had my ender 3 v2 for over a week and bit now. Gréât machine and this forum has been super helpful! Thanks!

I turned the printer on this. Opening and it sounds like when I start a print, I’m not sure if the fan turns on or if it’s the extruder but it makes this loud nasty sound over and over for the first 15-20 seconds all of a sudden. Any ideas why or what this is from all of a sudden?

Sounds like a bad fan.

I would agree, If it happens all of a sudden from day to day, I would guess a piece of filament got caught in the blades. Sounds terrible but may be able to clean it out. if it’s the fan on the control board could be a wire that has fallen close to the blade and rattling on it.

Some fan bearings, after getting worn, will make a rattling noise until they warm up and the shaft expands a bit.