New fan cover for ender 3v2

I want to change the hot end fan cover and fans on my Ender 3V2 (keeping the stock hotend). Is there a good model that I can download. I have a CR Touch mounted on the left side so it would have to allow for that. I have seen a few good ones on Thingaverse but they don’t have room for a ABL.

Petsfang is my recommendation. There are versions that allow for a bltouch or crtouch.


Does anyone have a stl file to print a new fan shroud for the Ender 3 /V2
Mine is falling apart. The plastic inside has all broken where the fan screws go. I had to
put bolts in to hold the fan in place.

There are a lot on Thingaverse. The one on the right looks like a direst replacement.
Search with"ender 3v2 duct" it should bring them up.