New guy from Ohio here

Older retired USAF guy here with new Flsun V400. Learining all I can about slicing and printing models. Also learning Fusion 360. Whew… a lot of work! Currently using Cura 5.3 slicer but am trying to integrate Orca slicer into my system. Cheers.

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@EdNewbold1 Ed? welcome! My name is Alex, I work in a university managing a photo department. I am still figuring 360 out, I am ok with what I do but it is a fraction of what it can do! I have a FLsun v400 too, artillery X1 (I wish I didn’t!) a Prusa MK3s+ (MK3 ungraded) Monoprice and a Tiko. I use cura some, Prusa Slicer more, others occasionally. Orca I have not tried at all. Anyhoo, Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome, Alex. I’d like to use the Prusa slicer too, but don’t have a good profile for it for the V400. Do you?


I have been working on one. I have it but still sorting out acceleration. I didn’t like the Cura one either, The chip cube and bunny that came with the printer when I sliced them using their cura profile didn’t print as well.

Well, if you ever get a good Prusa profile for the V400, I’d love to try it out. I’m having a pretty bad time right now. Thanks.

Hi there Ed,

Welcome to the forum, we are so glad that you joined!

I work here at 3D Printing Canada, I’d like to say that I’m good with F360 but I still have lots to learn! I have heard lots of great things about using orcaslicer with the V400, personally I do not have a lot of experience using orcaslicer. But I am trying to get to know it better for use with my Vorons! I have always used Prusa/Superslicer in the past, but I think orcaslicer has some real potential to it.

I know prusaslicer does not have any built in profiles for the V400, but I am unsure about Superslicer.

If you have any other questions about anything you are always open to ask here, there are no such thing as dumb questions on our forum!

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Thank you very much.

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@EdNewbold1 I sent a PM If you want I can arrange to send to what I have so far.

Got the PM and replied, yes, I’d like to try what you’ve already configured in PrusaSlicer. Thank you.

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Hi Matthew. I have finally settled on the Orca Slicer v1.6.3 because it’s the only slicer I get consistently good prints from. Plus, it’s already configured for my Flsun V400. I’m still a beginning student of Fusion 360 (personal edition), and I’m wrestling with learning how to edit existing stl files. Whew… that’s some slow going for me. Cheers.

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Glad you got one that worked for you!

If you ever need any help in the future you know where to reach me :slight_smile:

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