New Hobby Model Trains

I’m hoping to start a new hobby of “N” scale model trains. I will be looking for files to print of buildings scenery etc. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thiniverse has a tonne of model train related things. Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to N-Scale models.

N-Scale is 1/160 whereas HO is 1/87. So if you had an HO model you wanted but needed to convert it to N-Scale, load the model in Cura and scale it by 87/160 or .544.

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Thanks LM, I’ve got a few saved and am always looking for more. I appreciate your scaling numbers, I will use them.

No problem. You can find the scale lists by googleing “model train scales” and checking out the wikipedia page.

I have O, HO and N scale, although HO is the only one I actually do any work with. I have a fireplace mantle layout that I’m currently working on turntables for.

You will find that getting the fine details right at N scale can be challenging. Use a .2 or .3 mm nozzle to print them. On Thingiverse, there’s a randomly generated customisable tree that I’ve made a few of.

Thanks again. I’m relatively new at the printing and I think I’m using the same printer as you. Ender 5 Pro, but mine is stock and working well. I find with a lot of these small prints, I’m best to use rafts but they are a pain to take off such small things.

They are indeed. I find when I want to print something small, I’m better off putting multiple copies of it on a raft in case I break a few getting them off. Most of the print time and material goes into printing the raft anyway, so if I put 5 gravestones on instead of 3 (a recent print), I’ll be sure to get at least 3 off undamaged.

I have read, but have not experienced, that resin printers do a better job for smaller scale work. I’ve been using the E5Pro to print larger objects (mostly) like trees, bridges, turntables, buildings, etc. The tiny, tiny detailed work has just been too frustrating.

I picked up some filament today and the gentleman that brought it out said resin is much better for small prints but I don’t want to get into that.

I guess first things first. I’ve gotta get a train set and design a layout, but kind of tough right now, hobby shops aren’t open to ask questions.

Whereabouts do yo live? Have you checked your local There’s a fair amount of relatively decent stuff available in the Toronto area.

I’m in the east end of Hamilton. I have checked out most of the sites but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready. I’ve got a lot of work to do to get my area ready for a layout. I will go almost anywhere if I see the right thing. Okay

Take a look at Fat Dragon Games. Their models are meant for dungeons and dragons but could be scaled for a train set easily. Their modular village set is great.

They often sell big collections of models on Humble Bundle.

That’s some great looking stuff, thanks

There’s lots of stuff on Thingiverse, but unfortunately not all of it will print well. I seem to get a number of manifold error messages when slicing in Cura.

Be cautious about scaling down, not all items will print well when scaled down. One trick that I have found is to check the “Print Thin Walls” in the SHELL settings in Cura - solved some missing print parts on a cement mixer truck I was trying to print. Just noticed that in Cura 4.9 there is a new WALLS category where you can find the “print thin walls” setting.

One of the best bargains is printing sea containers for flat bed cargo. There are a variety of items out there, and the few that I have tried print easily. Just need to order some supplies to make some ink-jet decals to decorate them. They’re pretty boring otherwise.

Serious question regarding 3d printed trains. Do they run? Like do you buy a motor kit? Or are they more for show?

I havent really thought about model trains before, but am curious.

You would buy wheel sets and couplers. The early HO and N scale couplers were plastic but more modern equipment are using couplers that mimic the “knuckle” type North American couplers and they generally need to be made out of metal to operate smoothly. The same with the wheels. As for the plastic bodies and frames, that can be done in 3D printed plastic, but you would usually include a metal plate in the bottom for weight.

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Ahhh, i get it. Sounds cool. When i was visiting Osoyoos BC i found a model train museum. It was massive and really intricately set up.

A gentleman called “kabrumble” has designed many HO scale buildings that are incredible. I reduce them to 54% in cura for my N scale trains, then print them. I haven’t had any problems. He has some amazing designs for model railroad buildings.
The only problem I have is with the Sakata 3d “GREY” filament. It strings like crazy at different settings and temps.

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Are they the models on

I found these on Thingiverse