New learner here, Hi!

Hi Hobbyists, Geeks and Gurus,
Im very new to the subject and trying to get familiar with 3D printing subject everyday.

I’m a IT network and security specialist also a coder, but also an entrepreneurial mind. I have an ICT startup but it doesn’t excite me much. Recently I started exploring this subject by influence of a guy, and I find it exciting.

So I have decided to buy a printer, so far glued myself with Bambu labs due to their multi-color feature. Planned to buy an A1 but not available in EU market yet, so I am waiting…

In between, while doing some experiments, I put the CuraEngine 5.0 behind a Python run API for slicing the STL files. But I am facing new slicing errors and challenges in the console everyday. Anyway, I am not here to talk about this right now.

After I have my printer, my first plan is to print a few toys for my kids ( I have three curious daughters). I am creating the design files using TinkerCad, as well my kids while waiting for the printer.

I may (and possibly I will) put annoying basic problems and questions in the forum, excuse my dumbness.

I am from Finland, living in a suburban, eagerly waiting for the summer…

Thank you all.

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Welcome to the group.
Questions are how we all learn, I have been doing this for 8 years and still am finding out new things.

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Welcome to the forums. No questions are silly (unless you as the same one twice!).

Let us know once you get printing !

Yes do let us know when you are up and running. The Bambu I own works quite well mostly. I had a few issues with the AMS but eventually Bambu made it right.

A few small safety comments. I don’t know who your children are as people or how old. 3D FDM prints are a bit like wood, they have strong directions and weaker ones. Small bits can break off easily if you kids are quite young some supervision could be needed. Prints because of the way they are made have lots of small crevasse that bacteria can grow in. Same concern if they are put it in the mouth ages.

Nice meeting you,

Glad to see your warm welcome and suggestions. I will must consider those when I start printing toys…