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Hi, I recently picked up a Creality CR20 Pro at a yardsale. So, it was not working, no surprise. I am new to all this. The LCD did light up but had nothing there. I fixed a loose wire to the display.Anyway, it has a TMC connection error. I discovered a handful of new programs I now needed to determine what to do next.
The main board is a BigTreeTech SKR E3 DIP V1.1.
I installed Visual Studio Code, PlatformIO , C++ and Pronterface.
The individual components appear to work and I have ejected the filament and reloaded, etc…

Would anybody have the correct firmware to share for my machine?

I have been following some guides by Make N Print, trying to update Marlin but end up with compiling errors. I have steep learning curves with the software, aside from the hardware.
The previous owner said it was working fine in Marlin V1.1.6, but after he tried upgrading, it no longer worked and gave up.
I found the TMC2208 drivers’ jumpers were not all set the same. The E0 jumpers were set to DIR, while the rest were UART. I’ve set the E0 jumpers to UART and hoped if the firmware compiled, it may work with the new jumper settings.
Am I correct in understanding that an Ender 3 or CR10 Pro would use the same settings
( same board , of course)?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Vulcan2023

Welcome to the forum I’m glad you found us.

I am going to post a couple of threads here that you may find useful. You do have a project there to get working. Just take it step by step.

First be able to define what does not work over what does work. Do you have heat control of the nozzle and bed? Will it Home? will it home only X and Y and not Z? Does the BLtouch function as it should?

I know these do seem like a lot of questions but one step at a time.

Here is our build video on the CR20 so you can refer to all the correct lingo …

Here is a thread from someone in a similar situation as yours

Finally here is a website that can assist with building the firmware, They do charge a little $$ for it but it can save HOURS on the troubleshooting side.

I am darned if I can find the link for it right now. Maybe one of the other members can remember the website that can build Marlin firmware for you?

Marlin Firmware Service has a custom firmware builder. You pay an annual subscription fee that lets you use the builder and also gives you access to their daily builds.

Marlin Firmware Service (