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Hello all,
I just discover your forum.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: what brought you here?

Share your knowledge! :slight_smile:

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I have a shitty delta printer noname chinisery (chinese and misery) and I tried to make it work.
and finally I succeed in this ā€¦ aventureā€¦ I mean Iā€™m near to succeed. But on the good way. ANd I will share info, and maybe assist other people who encounter same misery as me.

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Hello For information,
I succed after 10 years (but not all the time ā€¦ sometime I leave it for 1 year or more ) to make this delta printer work correctly.
I finally succeed in making it work last week.
I encounter multiple issues : like :

  • mother board 8bit not enough powerfull to manage delta.
    -I changed with an skr1.3
    -TMC5160 never worked correctly on skr
    -I changed with tmc2226
    trouble with connector dupont on other model type. Generate some tactactac when moving axes
    -create connector with plier adapted to avoid this
    -with multiple test Ibroke arms, I had to buy new one.
    I change 12V to 24V power supply as printer goes in error when I try to warm bed
    I change extruder with titan system+ hotend + reduce lenght of tube between extruder and hotend to see at the end that issue was more about temperature. I need to warm at 215 where with my ender 200 is enough.
    I encounter multiple issues with marlin 2 with delta and skr together. I also solved them.
    After so long making it work, I aquire a really big knowledge on delta printer.
    Everything is not solved for the moment but I feel confident now.
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