New person from ohio

Looking for assistance on starting up to do 3 d printing for work

Hi there, welcome to the forum!

What exactly are you interested in learning about? I’m sure it’s something that we can help you with!


Trying to get information on printingzipwall heads and non slip in more robust figure and material

Someone had to thought of this before

Esplain Please.

Plastic pieces snapped on top portion of pole crack or break at times. Looking find a way to make more robust versions to eliminate the above mention issues

Would you have any sort of pictures or anything that you could provide us with to help us understand?

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, I’ll s e nd some pictures to help you get an idea of what i want to try doing.

On blk piece the center piece nibs break off from usage. Have better reinforcement to prevent this from happening. The tips on the red needto be longer.

Thanks for the help on this matter

It shouldn’t be to hard to modify the cad files, assuming there are some or create them. Then you can reinforce the parts that tend to fail.

heres a file

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OK I have seen those before, for bracing temp. walls but usually in aluminum.

So you currently don’t do 3D printing??? What exactly do you need IE: recommendations etc.

Looking into getting ready to do 3d printing of some breakable parts in better material/design to prevent from recurring as much as possible. I’m new to this subject so be understanding when I’m trying to explain or asking questions .

So I guess it comes down to who is going to pay for this and how much. If it your self then cost maybe a consideration and maybe go cheaper. Cheaper machines print OK. If it is a company paying for it then maybe a more capable machine which will cost more is an option. Things like material type and material printer requirements IE: print temperature are something to also consider. PLA doesn’t need high heat to print and that means more printer options. Nylon, carbon fibre ETC. require higher print heat and therefor probably a more costly printer or a modified cheaper printer. You need to decide what you need first.

Eli_Klappenback sent link and file. This had information on printer and type of material that was used to print image he sent. Just need to see if company was to move forward with this matter.