New resin printer!

With typical 3D printers, precision and print speed is usually an either-or proposition. However, with Rocket 1, speed and accuracy go hand in hand. A 35μmXY resolution and 1μm Z-axis resolution allow Rocket 1 to process the most intricate parts and holes as small as 0.2mm.

Slow, frustrating processing times seem to be an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of today’s 3D printers. But now, Rocket 1 arrives as the new game-changer. Driven by groundbreaking DCLF technology, the printing speed of Rocket 1 can reach up to 260mm/h, bringing you industrial-grade speed at a consumer-grade price.

Some interesting ideas there. I’m especially curious about the top-down printing. On the one hand it requires a much larger vat of resin but I think that’s how it achieves the increase in speed by not having to fight the suction forces other printers have to deal with. It does seem to limit you to their proprietary resin though. And the small build volume is somewhat disappointing but I can only presume if the technology takes off that larger versions will emerge. I’ll be interested to see some reviews on this one.

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my concern is the flash of light you see in the video when it exposes a layer. that in my mind is affecting the rest of the resin

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It is an interesting concept. It speaks of Rocket’s resin. It seems like you need to use resin formulated for top down printing? Does that mean you need to use their slicer to slice for top down too?
3D printing is a very strange industry.

One segment is producing well designed well thought through designs fully open source with open source components.

Another is cloning parts buying parts from their own companies with poor fit and finish, still open source.

Others are making products semi or partially closed source, some copy protected bits other open.

More still are closed propriatory parts and well made designs but still open materials.

I wonder where the rocket fits? I just hope it isn’t in a closed and proprietary.

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I might need to order this, just to see how it all works.

Yeah it’s an technology still in its infancy so it’s not surprising to see things kind of all over the place. It’ll be interesting to see where it lands for sure.

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