New Resin test!

I now have a new favorite resin! 3DRS fast V2 is absolutely fantastic, and has such an amazing finish. I was on the fence about the new bags vs bottles, but quickly learned bags are where its at. Refilling them is extremely easy, and you can squeeze every last drop. If your in the market for new resin, I highly recommend.

Bags eh? I’ll have to try them out, I’m almost out of resin and had to order some anyways.

Love the test prints, that raven skull has a ton of detail on it!
I really hope to see that first print painted…
‘Slayer music intensifies’

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great job Jeff! :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

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I am painting it this weekend!

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we’ve also got a volume discount if you purchase 5 or more as well! :smiley: