NEW Silk PLA Filament! Check it out :)

Hey guys!

Meet our brand new silk PLA filament made in Europe! We’ll create a couple of print with it, stay tuned on our social media!

Click here to see the collection - Euro Silk PLA - 3D Printing Canada


Very sparkly :slight_smile:

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I like this stuff I need more too.

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Ooh, pretty!

But please keep carrying the Hello3d silk as well! Or at least the white, silver-grey, and dark blue colours! I’m working on a big multi-part project in that filament and I’ll need to buy more in a few months (as my budget allows).

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: love the new colours!

Funny enough I just came on here looking for help for this one. I have bought a spool of this, but I cannot get it to print without clogging my hotend. I have a direct drive micro swiss end, I slowed the print down to 30mm/s but that made no real difference. Not sure why it keeps clogging up in there!

How hot are you printing? MicroSwiss usually wants to be about 5 degrees hotter than nominal, and at least with Hello3D silk the filament wants to be about 10 degrees hotter than nominal. I print Hello3D at 215, usually.

I’ve just gotten a roll of this but haven’t actually tried it yet, so I don’t have specific feedback on the Euro Silk.

215-220. 230 I think is the top temp suggested in the reel. I’m wondering if I need an exposure to print it in

Got very close, spent a lot of time tuning the printer hot end (retraction/ steps) really good news is it didn’t clog. I could still extrude after the print even though it failed