New to 3D Printing and Having a ton of Issues

I think I got it figured out today. I increases the nozzle temp to 215, and the bed to 65. I had tried waiting a bit before but I did that as well today. Let the bed and nozzle heat up for a good 10 minutes and it seemed to work. I have gotten 3 prints off of it today.

With my printer it seems to do a quick test bead along the left side of the bed, in the past I would scrapbooks off quickly and it would just all pop off. After the adjustments it seemed to adhere to the bed a little more and I had to scrap the entire length of the bead to get it off.

Just need to figure out the bl touch firmware now.

Awesome, I’m glad it’s working now. I started 3d printing just over 2 years ago now. Since then there’s been some times when my printer has just sat cause it didn’t work properly and I didn’t know how to fix it. I got really discouraged with it sometimes but I just tried more even if I didn’t really want to. So far it’s paid off to because I’m still 3dprinting and I love it😉. Don’t ever give up you’ll thank yourself for persevering later.


I definitely have to agree with you also another good test is a hollow pyramid it tests for a lot of problems

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This page and associated videos is pretty helpful too,


calibration and research is what its all about, once you know what to look for the rest is just fun time