New to 3D Printing and Having a ton of Issues

Hi, so I recently purchased a Creality Ender 3 v2 3d printer. I got assembled it and printed the test objects without an issue. I proceeded to print a filament guide and then a multi piece model of the CN tower to learn the in’s and out’s. The CN tower model is 15 pieces or so, and after about 7 pieces and the 3 test pieces to start - about 10 prints total, I have begun experiencing all sort of issues. As best as I can ascertain it seems to be bed adhesion (I think). I have tried leveling the bed again, cleaning the bed, I have upgraded the springs that level the bed. I have tried new nozzles thinking it the nozzles are the issue, I spent hours trying to get to print properly…the issue always happens right at the beginning of the print - as it is doing the base layer parts or all of it does not stick to the bed. A shape that is supposed to be round, ends up looking like a 20 sided circle, a square corner is rounded or angled, or more often it is just a birds nest of printed filament all over. After spending hours trying to get it to work, this past weekend I tried leveling the bed once more and suddenly it was printing again. I got 3 more prints out of it and then it started giving me different issues. It would put down a nice base but half way through the print would suddenly start creating a birds nest of filament.

I have looked at changing the speed of the print…but it is only at 50mm/sec, a have gotten a bl touch auto bed leveling system, but yet to install it - waiting for the weekend when I have more time, but also not sure where to get the proper firmware. A youtube video suggested that had a really good firmware but did not specify which one, and they offer like 4 different versions. I have also gotten an upgraded filament tube, and a new glass bed - although I have not yet installed either of these as well. I have also tried a gluestick, rubbing it on the bed, and then giving it a quick wipe to even the surface.

I can’t help but feel it all goes back to proper bed leveling, yet nothing I do seems to get it right. I am a millright by trade, I am used to dealing with fine tolerances, I even used a set of feeler gauges to get the head exactly .1mm or .004 thousandths of an inch (the thickness of a piece of paper), all to no avail. I seemed to get better results by getting it close and then just trying a print and adjusting if it screwed up, but it never lasts.

Would love some advice and suggestions.

so sorry to hear about your problems there are a few tricks when changing nozzles if you don’t follow them you won’t see the tube against the nozzle correctly and just experience jamming again. I also recommend that you check your eccentric nuts to make sure they are properly tightened not over tighten but just snug enough that there’s no play in your X country as well as your hot end assembly the hot and assembly eccentric nut is the bottom wheel. I am going to search up some videos for you give them a watch I’ll post them soon

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I made sure and heated the nozzle up when I changed the nozzle, and when I changed the bed spring and knobs I did notice a wobble in the bed eccentrics, which I tuned so that it rolls nicely with no wobble. I will take a look at the videos once you get them up.

you have to leave the push fitting at the top of the heat sink a quarter turn loose while everything’s heated up push the tube all the way to the nozzle put the push fitting clip in and then tighten the push fitting down it gives an extra little heat seat to the nozzle and tube

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i have printed that few time up to 7 ft tall.

  1. Check all bolts and nuts and screws.
  2. check your Z axis i bet you its not straight as it goes up and when it goes up hold left and right with each hand and see if they have play.
  3. get bltouch your glass bed is not pertly level, bltouch will take care of it. 3D Printing sells genuine Bltouch.
  4. Once you get bltouch installed do your levelling and have a Z offset set to A4 size paper gap for PLA and business card size gap for PETG on nozzle.
  5. clean your glass bed with IPA 99% after each print to remove any oil or residue
  6. use Brim with this print it will help a lot because bed moves a lot on this print.
  7. do not go more than 50 on speed.
  8. temp 215-220 and bed at 65-70
    These will make it work and make sure your frame is secure.

I already have the bl touch, as I mentioned I am waiting for this weekend to install it, but which firmware do I use? I watched a couple youtube videos regarding the Bl touch installation the DR VAX one seemed the most informative, and he did mention about the z offset, firmware wise it seemed like had the best firmware, but when I went there there is 4 different options of firmware and they all have different options…which is best?

Your temps seem unusally high, I have been running it at 200 and 50, and for first 7 prints that worked, why would it suddenly stop working? I did try it with the bed at 65, but still the same problem.

i use creality bltouch version and it works very well. when you install bltouch check your board version and download that firmware. i have no issue i am using for a while.


Dr. VAX thought that the smith3d option was a bit better because it allowed you to do a z offset, where as the creality version did not. Perhaps that as changed? I will have to check the board version when I get home, but thanks. Nice model, looks like it worked well.

Also I am using 70% iso Alcohol, does the 70 vs 99 make that much of a difference?

Here is the picture on stock bltouch firmware from creality with z offset. 99% was in home from costco i bought for Covid …now its being used for 3D printer as well …lol

Well as I said I will have to wait until I get home - working a night shift. Hopefully some of these will help. Tomorrow I will have progress, or more questions.

Running at 215-220 and bed at 65-70 is that par for all prints? Or will it depend? My next project after this is making an lack enclosure from Thingiverse…I already have the the lack tables and lexan, I jsut need to print all the brackets off. If I am using the same filament then these settings should remain similar?

I run 200 on the nozzle and 60 on the bed for my pla and it seems to work well for me. When I bought my Ender 3 I had some issues with the bed levelling and after closer inspection the printer base was way off level to the bed so I had to loosen some of the main bolts and retighten them. Don’t know if that’s of any help but just my 2 cents.

i noticed every filament is different and i have to do some settings change to make it work flawless but i save those profiles in cura so it’s a one time learning for brand and color

Good to know, I am using cura as well, but I have only used 2 different types of Filament, same company. but different color. Black to start and then I switched to a off white color.

@wmoney as a rule of thumb, it never hurts to do a temp tower with each new roll. Even from the same company/material.

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I did see something somewhere about a temp tower…but am unaware of how I do one, I found some online at thingiverse, is it one big file or multiple files that you do one on top of the other at different temps?

With regards to Bl touch firmware. My printer is running version 1.0.2, but when I go to the creality site for the bl touch firmware they say version 4. The latest ones were from August 29, 2020 and there is 5 different versions of that…some with an adapter board and one without. Which one and how do I chose?

I would agree with everyone above, If its a new machine and got a few good prints out of it I would think something may have loosened up? do you have any pics of the failures it may help to nail down where the issues has presented itself.