New to 3D printing, Halot Mage printing fails


I’ve just been given the Halot Mage for my birthday last week. I carefully watched several setup and test videos, including the one from 3D Printing Canada, and I thought I’d be able to manage, but I’m afraid that none of the prints I’ve run, either with the test file on the USB key or a file I’ve sliced, do anything other than stick to the FEP.

I’m using Elegoo 8K space grey standard resin in a room at around 24°c, ordered last week too and with an expiry date of 2024. I’m using it with recommanded setting of 35 for bottom exposure, 4 for normal exposure, and 0,05mm for layer heights. I tested both the default settings in Chitubox with the Halot Mage profile and the default settings in Halotbox with the same profile.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Repeat the leveling over and over again. I’m confident that I’ve reached a setting where all 4 corners of my platter are correctly adjusted, I can pull the paper to the same resistance on each side and all screws are perfectly secure.
  • Apply a light coat of PTFE dry lubricant to the FEP and allow to dry completely before use.
  • Increase the exposure time of the bottom layers.
  • Try both small ready-to-use files or larger files prepared with Chitubox and Halotbox in .stl or .cxdlpv4 format.

What am I doing wrong ? I’m running out of ideas for successful printing, it looks so easy in videos. Do you have any tips for me ? Thanks a lot !

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I just purchased the same printer, I am also having the same problem. I have leveled the table, used default and recommended settings, and all I get is a little piece of an item lightly stuck to fep film. I tried Lychee slicer as well as Chitubox and Halotbox. I did notice the test light does make the full square, but its not that bright. Maybe they are defective. About the trash the whole thing a get a new filament printer. Thinking about the Bamboo Labs.

I’ve had mine for a week having the same issues. There is little to no support for this printer.

Hi all.
I don’t know if it makes any difference if I add my moam on top of the others, but I got the absolute same issues.
I have it for 2 days and the first thing is I got a message “cannot read from the disk or stick” or something like that’s many times.
Then after a few tries it continues the print, but when the print starts to be visible under the plate, I see some missing parts.
In honesty, I am trying to print my own custom model, didn’t try to print their files from the stick cause from what I saw ok the web, it takes 10 hours and it’s huge.
I have no idea why they didn’t include a normal calibration/test cube of much smaller size.
Anyway, I’ll try a few things and I’ll get back here if I have any hwlpful info.