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So I’m new to the printing hobbie and have had some beginner success but today I have had two prints that looks like the filament did not bind or the print head was to far away from the next layer, either way I don’t know what the issue is. Before this I didn’t 20 hour print with no issues but it was a different filament. Pics for reference.

Looks kinda like you have sliced with the wrong nozzle size selected. Maybe sliced for a .4 but have a .6 installed? or something like that.

Just to confirm print a Gcode from last week or last month that turned out well. Print it again if it looks fine that confirms that the issue is with the slice and not the printer

Under extrusion and inconsistent layer, lines are pretty constant. Doesn’t look like a big problem just a small tweak.


That looks like a bad case of under extrusion. Though it could be a temperature problem too.

Out of curiosity did you switch from say PLA to PETG or ABS?

Have not switched from PLA. I did notice that I have a .8 offset on the z axis. Running the same job with same slice settings to confirm. Tell me more about under extrusion. Where in Cura would that have been changed. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Is this a new filament? Have you printed successfully with it before? I ask because I’m wondering if the filament is “wet”. Many filaments absorb moisture from the air and need to be dried out or you get poor print quality.

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As @LEGOManiac suggested, its always possible the filament needs to be dried. Ive come across a few rolls that needed to be dried right out of the box. I just converted a food dehydrator for my purpouse, but there are other options there.

Its a good source for troubleshooting. This article goes into under extrusion.

One thing to be aware of is how different filaments, colours and brands all have slightly different settings. Its good practice (though i admit i dont test each filament i get) to do a few quick calibration tests. Such as a temperature tower, flow test and a retraction test.

Teaching tech has a good guide on troubleshooting.

I use both cura and prusaslicer. I like the settings in cura, but prusaslicer also has its perks.

In cura there is a plugin for calibration objects, and you can modify the gcode to do different things at different lauer heights.

What brand of pla did you use before and now? Also what colour? Darker and silk pla seems to have more of a difference from what ive heard (and seen with silk pla).

Lots of good things I need to check here. So for the PLA I use the same brand from 3D printing Canada and I have noticed that the silk and translucent have different results and need to adjust temp. Going to read this trouble shooting guide and do a test tower to help resolve.

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That looks like something more drastic then the wrong temp.

Welcome to 3D printing HE HE HE!


@Vondutchy where are you with this? It looks like under extrusion clearly from other comments. Did you get it solved with settings and calibration?

I will just add it could be a tangle or poorly wrapped filament. It happens especially with the low cost filaments. I have some Max IIID filament that is full of kinks and is unbelievably poorly rolled and it keeps jamming and hanging up that it is making prints that look vaguely like yours.

Check that the filament pulls loose free and easy, and nothing is catching. That includes pets grabbing it! LOL it has happened before that a cat caught the roll and prevented normal feeding!

Ok new info on this dilemma. Looking that the extruder Found a large crack down the top from the bolt connecting it to the plate to over the bearing

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Ah, the curse of the plastic extruders. For the life of me, I don’t know why Creality even tried to get away with using a plastic extruder. They all crack, and when they do they don’t grip the filament properly. The only (sane) solution is to replace the extruder with an all-metal one.

I’m just never sure how to tell the left-hand from the right-hand type. It really only matters (as far as I know) with a dual-extruder sytem where having two of the same type would leave one of them with an in-accessible lever.

While you’re there, load up on other common replacement parts and filament and remember to use the 3DPC10 coupon code.

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the left hand or right hand I believe is the open side of the lever if you are looking at it from the front, with the infeed of the filament at the top.

Most creality machines are Left hand. with 2 exceptions that come to the top of my head, Ender 6 and anything with the duel bond tech style drive gears.


If that’s the case, then the Ender 5 Pro has a right-hand extruder.

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How can filament get twisted and bound up on a spool. I have heard about this, fortunately I haven’t had to deal with it. If a role is, I’m assuming, spooled under some sort of tension to keep it from “taking off” and going all over the place then how can it be wrapped around itself and kinked or even bent. Any ideas?

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I have only ever seen one roll tangled. Just this week in fact. To see it looks like there are sections that got hung up in something it has hard bends in it. There other issue is it appears like the room was mostly spooled on one side then they shifted it to fill in the other side that was empty. The filament is snagging along the side.

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