New used Ender 3 underextruding

The title says it. I bought myself an unrepaired Ender 3 off eBay for $70 and I am having a very stubborn extrusion issue: First, the filament was slipping/grinding and simply not extruding at all beyond the first layer, which had extremely thin lines when filling the first layer. Noticing that the drive gear is worn, I gradually tightened the adjustment screw a couple turns during a test cube print until the slipping stopped. I then calibrated the E axis steps.

At this point, the test cube prints, but the roof is still thinly extruded, and i can see the layer beneath. I am printing using 0.2mm height on cura with 10% infill. Measuring the filament, it is only 1.6mm in diameter, but if I adjust the cura settings to compensate, the extruder starts clicking once the printer finishes the base and moves on to the 50mm/s portions.
Which brings up my attempts to print gridfinity frames: when i do this, the extruder starts clicking and the nozzle stops feeding as soon as it hits the 50mm/s portions, like it is clogged. I have tried at various temps up to 215C with no improvement.
Filament used is Creality Ender series 1.75mm PLA labeled 195C to 220C.

What you have sounds like a blockage to me and maybe it’s damaged the extruder drive gear.

I think your best solution is to buy a new hot end and extruder. It will probably be a bit more than the $70 you paid for the printer but it should fix all your problems.

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