Newb having petg glob issues

So I had a fairly easy time getting decent looking pla going, tried to shift gear into petg on my Tycoon Max and cannot get past the first few mm with globs building up. The solid part of the print seems ok but the support lines just degenerate into a mess that will hook onto the nozzle if allowed to continue. I have tried a variety of temps and tweaked speeds and retraction with no joy.

I know the printer is capable as this PLA interupted print shows …

What are your part cooling fan settings? Id try lowering them particularly for the first layer. Even going down to 0 for the first layer.

Looks to me like there was supposed to be a brim around this part?
Is it possible we are seeing the second layer printed and the remains of the first layer as blobs?

It looks like the nozzle ehight is too close, this happens with some printers at the higher temps the bed pops up.

Try a test print off to a corner and see if that helps.