Newbie from the West Island

Hello from the West Island in Montreal. I’m 68 and retired from the aviation industry. I’ve been 3D printing for 6yrs and love it. I’m only just starting to learn about motherboards, firmware and all that stuff. I own the Creality CR10 (400mm X 400mm) and it has never failed me. I use my 3D printer to create stuff for my hobbies, RC planes, drones, videography, photography and whatever. I know…too many hobbies.


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Glad to Hear About your Aviation History!!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Im nowhere near retiring but am currently an AME. How did you find out and get started with 3d printing?

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Hi Dr.Marvin,
I’d recommend searching YT for ‘Getting Started in 3D Printing’ or ’ Things I Wish I Knew Before 3D Printing’. There’s lots of information out there. Picking a machine is a personal thing and is based on a lot of criteria. It’s a fun hobby but CAN be frustrating as well as very rewarding. Hope this helps you out!

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