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I have a Creality Ender 3 S1 Plus with a bed of 300x300x300 and would like to print a item from Thingverse. Looking to enlarge it to 1500 mm by 1800 mm and print it in pieces. The thickness I have not figured out yet. I have searched for a program to do this with no luck. Can anyone help in pointing me in the right direction? Thanks.

Link to item :

Hi Dayve

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I can understand what you are looking to do, but I cannot say as I have done this a lot, I used Meshmixer for something similar I did but it was a VERY crude version of what you are looking to do, Maybe someone else here has a better solution?

Thanks Jason,

I have tried Meshmixer but with no luck. Hope someone has an easy suggestion.

Hi Dayve
Have you watched teaching techs tutorial on mech mixer? I had given up on mesh mixer until I watched I, and now I can split models no problem.

You can split a model in Fusion 360 also.

So, you could do this crudely in pretty much any slicer by using the “Cut” function. You just have to rotate the object so you’re cutting it in the right axis, because of course the “Cut” command only cuts along the Z axis.

The problem with that is there’s nothing to help you line up the parts, and joining them together evenly can often be very challenging. Depending on the plastic type and surface area, the join may also be very weak and fail easily. What you really want to do is get a modeling or CAD program and make some sort of guide peg, or dovetail, or even just a hole that you can insert scrap filament into.

That will be a lot of learning for this specific project, but it will also give you a very useful foundational skill. Six months ago I would have been stumped trying to do something like this. Now I could probably get it done in Fusion 360 over the course of a few evenings. I’m hardly an expert, but I have another skill and it’s helped me a lot in being creative. In my opinion, now that you’ve identified a place where learning to use a modeler or CAD program would be of value to you, it’s worth spending the time to learn to do it right.


Then multiple parts can be printed on multiple beds.

Thank you for all the great information guys. Think I will give fusion 360 a try over the next couple of nights and see how that goes.