Newbie with Anet A8

I’m new to 3D printing and not sure if my question belongs in this section, but here goes…
I purchased a used Anet A8 and looking for help to get its Z-OFFSET set up (as soon as I can print anything with it, I will be looking for a better machine). Before I elaborate on my situation, I will wait for a response to make sure I’m in the right place.
My first problem is HOW TO SUBMIT THIS POST!

You are batting 1000 so far, as your comment is posted.
I don’t know much about the A8 personally, but a quick search indicated that you have a lot of support videos on YouTube, many of them telling you to replace the firmware with Marlin immediately.

When I got the printer (used), it already had Marlin bugfix_2.0. I believe that is up to date.
My problem: The PLA was stuck in the tubing and plugged the nozzle. I had to cut a bit off the tubing and installed a new nozzle. But the new nozzle was longer so I had to change the physical height of the BLTouch and re-calibrate Z-OFFSET. After that it printed in the air, maybe 1mm above the bed. After watching many videos on the Z-OFFSET procedure I thought I did it right but obviously I didn’t. Can I just tighten the Z-OFFSET (in small increments) till it prints on the bed?

Yeah, you should be able to move it to where you want it and then find something that says save Eprom or save settings and pound it.

Failing that, you can do it with gcode, which doesn’t look too hard.
But like I say, I’m not familiar with your particular setup.
Hopefully one of the Olde Timers will dodder along and set us straight, complete with a lecture on inflation and a whuppin’.

…and hey, I don’t trust old filament. Esp during a set-up.
You could be banging your head against the wall if it’s wet, brittle, depressed, etc.

OK. I’ll try slowly closing the gap and there is a menu item called STORE SETTINGS.
Thank you for the help, Ted.

Godspeed, young man. Happy squishin’!