Newbie with Ender 3 pro - Prints failing

I just purchased an Ender 3 pro. I’m trying to do a basic print of a filament guide for the 3 pro found at Thingiverse (Ender 3 Filament Guide easy install by FlintWeiss - Thingiverse)

Every time I try to print it (so far 3 tries), a piece twists and fails as shown in the picture below. What causes this and how do I fix it? I am using the filament that came with the printer. Thanks in advance for help on this.

Hi Bane,

Looks like this model needs to be printed with supports. Have you turned support generation on in your slicer? That would help stop the bottom of the hook from deforming



I have “print support structure” turned on in Creality Slicer. Should I try a different slicer software?

Hi Bane,

See below images for the Creality Slicer settings.

The first one shows support turned off, and the “printing in air” issue on the hook tip,

The second shows support turned on,

Make sure you have the support placement set to everywhere, as you need the support to build off the part and not off the buildplate.

If your slicer looks any different or is a different version, let me know and we can figure out where the specific setting you need is!


Mine came with Creality Slicer 1.2.3, so it looks like I at least need the 4.8 version you have.

Yes I would definitely update the slicer as you will gain many new features and try again with support turned on. if you have any issues after that let us know!

Happy Printing

How do you preview the supports like shown in your screen shots?

Bane, at the top centre, click the preview button. (See Chris.p’s screenshot)

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The Creality slicer 4 with supports made all the difference.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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Glad to hear it ! We hope to see you around the forum in the future !


Ok, I tried to print a different model. It shows this in preview,

The end result of the print is the below.

I’m completely flabbergasted by this.

That is often called a spaghetti monster.

To me it looks like there is not enough contact area for the amount of adhesion you have to your bed. You could try using a brim.

It also looks like there is not enough supports.

What do you mean by brim?


Hi Bane,

A brim helps to keep the part stuck to the build plate when you have only small surface areas touching the plate.

A skirt helps to purge any filament that may have drooped out while heating and make sure when the part starts printing that the nozzle has filament ready to go. See below:

A brim on the other hand touches the part and adds surface area to the first (or first few) layers, to help keep smaller items stuck well. See below:

You can find these two settings in the build plate adhesion dropdown:

What also helps with first layer printing is to slow down the speeds to help the plastic lay down smoother.


So, I appear to have had a clogged extruder. I cleared it and things are better.

Since, I’m new to all of this is there a quick start guide someone to recommend, about maintaining the printer/getting started? Is it generally recommended to take the filament out after I’m done using the printer for the day?

Thanks all.

Yes, we do have a quick start guide for building and getting started with the printer, see link below

Take a browse through the Youtube channel when you get a few minutes, there are a few videos on first prints and getting setup in slicers that you may find helpful as well!


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Bane, I find that I have problems if I leave the filament out overnight. It will need to be dried.
If you aren’t actually printing with it, keep it in a sealed, low- humidity environment. And dry the filament frequently.
If I’ve done a long print, I will dry the filament prior to storing it away.
Best to prevent problems, rather than throwing out failed prints…