Newest Printer - Elegoo Neptune 2

I recently added a new printer to my fleet, an Elegoo Neptune 2.

I had heard a lot of good things about the printer and I was not disappointed!

Assembly took about 20-30 minutes, and with the exception of the base of the printer not being completely square (I had to loosen all the screws on the base and square it up) everything assembled properly and easily.

It was simple to level and the first print came out very good - I even accidentally powered it off mid print and was able to successfully re-start the print.

The printer is very quiet and prints very good quality prints immediately.

I print exclusively PETG, so I sliced a couple of calibration models and printed them - all with no bed adhesion problems. I had some stringing issues at first, but after loading the included version of Cura and copying the profiles into 4.9.1 (the retraction was the issue), I had no more issues with stringing.

I am going to leave this printer 100% stock with the exception of the build plate, which I have already replaced with a magnetic spring steel PEI cote one.

It’s now in service making customer prints and I’m really happy with it. I purchased it on Amazon for $150.00 and am going to pick up a couple more.

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