No Filament, Click yes

Good evening, I am running a CR10S Pro V2. Tiny Machines firmware was installed. I get the No Filament Click yes yadda yadda yadda message but even if chose yes or no my machine does nothing.

Among other things I a struggling to level the Gantry, it seams to alway lean back to the left regarless of how I adjust it. Printing items with large foot prints are tough.

I don’t have a CR10anything so I’m basing my comments on photos from Google.
Given that it has 2 stepper motors driving each side of the gantry, I’d suggest a couple of things:

  1. Lower the print head to it’s lowest point level the gantry. Once it’s level, use a fine-tipped marker to put a mark on the stepper motor aligned with a corresponding mark on the shaft coupler just above it. The shaft coupler itself has a seam that runs it’s length which would be a natural index mark to use if it happens to stop in a place that’s easily visible. Do the same on both sides. Ideally, no matter how much you use the printer, these two index marks will always line up on both sides. If one of the stepper motors is skipping a step during use, the gantry will go out of alignment and the stepper on one side will be aligned with it’s index mark while the opposite side is not. If these index marks are never out of sync with each other but the gantry goes out of level, see item #2…

  2. I don’t know what this part is called, but there is a threaded thingy that the lead screw passes through. That thingy attaches to the gantry (one on each side), I gather, with a set screw. Make sure the set screw is tight. You can use the same trick of putting a thin mark with a fine marker on both the thingy and the gantry so you can see if the thingy is rotating out of place. If it is not tightly secured and rotates, the gantry will go out of level.

  3. Have you checked that the wheels on the gantry are properly tightened? I suspect they are more for left-right stabilty but I know that on a printer where the gantry is supported by only one lead screw, the gantry will droop if these wheels are loose. I don’t think that’s really the case here since the gantry is supported on both sides, but it doesn’t hurt to check.


Hi Mr Acadian,
I experienced the same gantry shifting issue you’re describing and a simple fix which made a noticeable difference was just by squaring up the plates at either end of the gantry.

  1. Print or find two identical leveling blocks, centering the printhead and lowering the gantry to the height of the blocks.
  2. Loosen the bolts a little which connect the horizontal extrusion to the end plates, this is difficult on the left so you’ll have to be a little creative.
  3. Check and adjust the guide wheels as necessary, make sure the extrusion is resting on its blocks, bring the end plates to it, square them up and carefully tighten it all back up again.

Sounds silly, I know, but in my case the gantry plate was torqued so far out of square from the factory that it was actually forcing the left side up as soon as the steppers were disabled. Just loosening the bolts to release that pressure made a huge difference.
Other options to consider:

  1. Installing a timing belt across the top to keep the lead screws in lockstep. This is a foolproof solution, but it costs a few bucks and you’ll have to wait for the parts.
  2. Installing anti-backlash nuts. The effectiveness of these is contested. Personally, I wouldn’t do it again.

As for your screen issue, sounds like a firmware problem. I know the message you’re referring to but haven’t seen this screen in a long, long time. I think we need more info before anyone can help with that. When does the message show? After leveling, after printing, all the time? Are you on Tinymachines DW7 or 7.2? Did you compile the firmware yourself or use their hex? Do you print from SD, PC, Octopi?

Gafrapehero. After posting this I grabbed a set of 123 blocks from the shop, powered down and levelled the gantry onto it. This seems to be working well however I believe I have the same issue where the gantry is tightened with tension. I am going to do what you suggested after this print which is 44hrs.
As for the error it occurs when the filament runs out. I am running the tiny machines firmware installed by 3D printing Canada. I can’t verify the version at the moment.

I am having the same no filament problem with my CR10S pro. Before I upgraded to the BL touch and the tiny machine firmware - which was done my 3d printing when I wanted to change colour, the filament broke or the filament ran out I simply went to the screen pushed yes, changed the filament and pushed yes again and the print continued. Now when that happens the machine does not recognize that there is filament in the filament sensor. Is this the way it works? is there a procedure for changing tor repairing the filament that I am not using. Any help would be appreciated!