No Filament Feed

Rebuilt my hot end. Will not feed filament. drive wheel is turning. please help.

Did you change the spring pressure on the feed roller?

What kind of hot end, did you change anything that might block the filament?

Disassembled The hot end. Blocked Solid.Had to melt out the jammed filament. Cleaned up everything. Now back in business. Should have troubleshooted more before panicking. Lol. Newbie move.

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they @LostNewfie Welcome to the forum, Nice to see others from my original neck of the woods.
I am a “townie” try not to hold that against me :slight_smile:

Thats what we are all here for, to help you not panic and get the problem resolved. Glad you got it though.

Replaced Hotend all new parts, worked for a while then started to clog again and do the extruder chatter. Blocked real bad. Fans are working good. Do I need to upgrade to the 3 Hole upgrade fan? Also is there a way to manually extrude to prime the system after cleaning.

Normally you just turn the feed wheel by hand and it pushes filament through but if it is blocked then that might notwork.

Hi @LostNewfie

Just a quick question, After the upgrade did you reduce your retractions in your slicing software?

Sounds like its retracting for a Bowden system but direct drives require much less.

Nope.Will going my Cura and reduce the settings. Had another total failure and hotend Melt down. Another $100.00 for parts and speed shipping I hope this is not going to be a constant item with this printer.

Was the hot end ruined some how, couldn’t you just clean it up and continue using it.

Yes. Could not remove print nozzle and the feed tube to the heater block was welded in place with hardened filament heated every thing with a heat gun to try and soften up the hardened filament.No Go Didn’t want to ruin the thermistor or heater… ended up shearing the tube and stripping the nozzle. took my time and tried to be gentle but no luck. Which of the retraction settings in Cura should i adjust?? thanks

Under travel Set “retraction distance” to about 2mm MAX for a direct drive extruder. I left the retraction speed at the default and it seems OK, you might have to adjust that if you have a problem. Boden tube retraction is usually 5 to 10 MM. I have had to use a small butane torch to burn out the filament after a flood.

Thanks. No Boden Tube Setting to adjust ?? Will try torch for cleanout . Now waiting for parts to get started again. Will update when back running again.

There is just that one setting that is adjusted either for a boden tube or direct feed.

Okay. Thanks