Noir and Monocure

Just curious if anyone else is using Monocure Rapid resin on their Noir?

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Jason H

Hello BullfrogPro

Yes, we have been trying it here at the Store. Mostly the Grey and Clear.
we’ve been using the settings from Monocure.

Hi Jason Hi Keith

I was the one who sent you guys the settings from Monocure lol

Was just curious who else was using it and if they were seeing any issues.
I have been using times down to 1s per layer which works fine and the only issue is the size/weight of the prints causing plate adhesion. Just trying to see if bring up the resin vat temp to about 26°C will cure that. Other than that issue both printer and resin doing well.


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Yes we’ve had a few Customers that have seen very different Prints qualities, affected by fluctuating Garage Temps, this winter!