Non planar printing - 90 deg overhangs without support

Found this interesting website thought you all may like to have a look

It’s a different way of slicing that’s for sure

Very interesting.

The actual page discussing the 90 degree overhangs without support is here:

I don’t know how practical this approach in the general case is as you have fan nozzles, Z-Axis sensors that could get in the way of things (this is mentioned in the article) as well as stresses on the model itself supporting an unbalanced load which could cause it to lose adhesion with the bed.

There are cases where this capability would be very welcome - like printing an inset bolt head on the bottom side of a model (the Voron 2.4 has a number of these and they are a challenge to get printed right without supports which is what came to mind first for me). Limiting the maximum overhang to three or four millimetres would definitely be a welcome capability.


Stefan did a video discussing the issue.

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