Noob needs help : CR6-SE settings

So I was getting lame prints. Lots of strings, filament dragging along the bed. Yadda-yadda-yadda.

Right off the bat I have to point out , the problem was solved by changing the nozzle. prints fine now.

However in going back and forth in the options to raise / lower extruder, feed filament, leveling the print bed : I may have inadvertenty activated/deactivated the DISEABLE STEPPER ON/OFF.
Ayone know if default setting is ON or OFF?
And what is a stepper anyways?..
And what can happen if you have not chosen the correct setting?

thanking you in advance

gondolin the noob

I would think that should be off. it actually disables the motors so you can move the carriages by hand. steppers are the motors. when they are powered they won’t move but will turn freely when diabled.

Thanks Glenn

What is strange is that the screen shot of my manual shows it at ON, whereas on my printer it is on OFF mode and I tried changing it just then but does not go ON. Taht being the case, I guess I did not turn it off by mistake.