Not new to printing but new to the boards

Hello from Caledonia, ON

Started off with a Longer3D LK1 and now have a Creality CR10S


Hey @SGSimpson

Welcome to the forum, Glad you are here, And not far from our shop :slight_smile:

I would love to know what kind of stuff you print? for yourself or for business?

Hope to see you often.

Welcome!! iā€™m also newbie here

WELCOME fellow 3D printer lover and newbie.

Seriously though, Welcome to the forum @Jdevidnx Glad to see you here. Would love to hear about what you do with or plan to do with your 3D printer.

Hope to see you often.

Good Day from Brantford Ontario Canada! I have been into 3D printing for about 4 years and I have 4 FDM printers. Funny how that works out!

Welcome Davek

Glad to see you here, careful, once you have 4 they seem to start replicating themselves :slight_smile: