Not water tight

Hello again: When printing in vase mode with PLA using a .8 mm nozzle my prints are true to form they look great but are not water tight. Just completed a bottle printed in PETG with a .4 mm nozzle and 4… sides and base the sides are water tight so it doesn’t appear to be the Z seam but the base of the bottle while it doesn’t gush water it weeps consistently. I am thinking that there is a slicer setting in cura that will eliminate my problem. Does anyone out there have a solution that has worked for them for me to try.

You mean literally water tight! Lol water tight is also used as an model with gaps.

In case mode sharp angles can produce holes. Make sure you model with round curves. The 0.8 also need extra heat and lots of extrusion. Have you fully calibrated your printer with that nozzle?


It’s very hard to get 100% of the volume filled with plastic, with no gaps. In my experience, by the time you’re doing that, you’ll be getting “over-extrusion” problems. A few months ago, I printed a series of PETG cubes to see how close to 100% I could get. It topped out (as measured by measuring and weighing a cube) at about 99.6%. Be sure your e-steps is calibrated. If you’re pushing the limit on trying for 100% density, it’s a good idea to calibrate the e-steps for the material you’ll be using. The fact that the teeth of the extruder dig into different materials differently can throw this of by a decent fraction of 1%

Interesting, I actually have printed a number of vases (in vase mode) and they all hold water. Personally i have not had issue with it. I have always been careful with the design, although my printers are well calibrated. It is hard to say but I believe it is a bit of both.