Nozzle cheat on CR10S Pro V2

Recently, I purchased a 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm nozzle from the folks here at 3D printing Canada…
I installed the 1.5mm nozzle on my CR10S pro V2.
I have been experimenting with settings in simplify3D, and decided to try running multiple process on some models that would require a smaller nozzle for parts of the print
So I ran process 1 with the nozzle set as the 1.5mm nozzle for the majority of the print.
I then set the 2nd process to tell the nozzle it was only a .07mm nozzle.
The results were amazing.
The details on the top layer were spectacular, considering it is a 1.5mm nozzle mascarading as a .07mm.

Photos! Photos! Photos!


I’ll be running a few more prints over the weekend using this method, I’ll try to get some pics up then.