Nozzle problems

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I made the benchy pattern successfully that came with the printer. made a few lego outlet covers and light switch covers. all with pla. then i switched to petG and since then my printer won’t work properly. the nozzle won’t go low enough to print the inside of the lego outlets anymore and everything I’ve tried printing has messed up or broken.I have tried all the different settings for all the different potential problems but it still won’t lower the nozzle enough to print inside the designs


If the PLA is printing okay - and the issue only happens when you switch over to PETG - I would recommend taking a look at your settings you are printing at. Lets start off with the basics, what temperature settings are you printing your PETG at?

Also make sure you are running the auto calibration before each print.

Bed temp and nozzle temp please. If these arent right you wont get a good first layer. If they are right then z offset calibration would be next.

I did switch the settings for the petG to the temps on the reel it came in, but it still wouldn’t stick to the print bed

for pla i was printing at the temps on the reel, and i’ve tried all the different settings, done the z callibration, lowered the nozzle, used glue stick, and painters tape and when it gets to the middle it will stick .

that i haven’t been doing, but i will from now on.