Nozzle Rubbing on Overhangs

Hey all, I have tried looking for assistance everywhere and I seem to be getting nowhere with fixing my issue. Hoping I can find some help in here!

I have an Ender 3S1 Pro with a sonic pad. I have rigged my printed to have two 5015 fans as the part cooling fans and both work properly.

I am having a lot of issues with my overhangs, even (and especially) when they are above supports. the issue i find myself running into is that when printing overhangs above supports, my nozzle seems to rub on the print causing ‘jagged’ edges and making it look extremely messy, not to mention leaves the underside looking like a mess. I find it happens most on the bottoms and tops of dome shaped objects such as helmets.

I fully believe this is user error as I have not found a way to solve this issue, but have played around with my slicer settings and calibrations and still cannot find a way to remedy this. I have also tried nozzle replacements, bed leveling and adjusting the z offset many times, no luck.

My printer and filament specs are:
Ender 3S1 Pro w/ Sonic Pad
.4mm nozzle
Elegoo PLA Filament (220 degrees)
two 5015 part cooling fans (typically run at 50%)

Have you tried tuning your esteps, flow rate, and retraction distance. Each of these can cause what you are describing here, especially when combined together. Try and dial these settings in a bit and see if there is any improvement. Orca makes this very easy to do as well.

You should also be able to turn your fan speed up, 50% for PLA seems pretty low to me, even for a dual fan setup.

Let me know how that goes, if you have no luck send over some pictures and I can see if anything jumps out at me!


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It might be he shape is interfering with the nozzle. I printed a wedge shaped item and had a similar outcome. It looked like the nozzle was dragging on the print probably due to the parts shape.

Hey Matthew,

I have checked Esteps and flow rate but i will take a look at retraction and let you know! thank you!