Nozzle view Camera

Kinda cool YouTube nozzle view

I"m working on one at the moment. The Raspberry PI camera can be mounted on a longer cable and attached to the print head. I’ll post when I’ve completed it.

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Noice. Looking forward to some video. Such a unique view

very cool! wouldn’t adding extra weight of the camera to the print head potentially introduce print artifacts?

That’s what the word on the street is, but I changed from a bowden setup to a direct drive with this beefy stepper, NEMA17 Stepper Motor 48mm 1.8 Degree 2.5A 42BYGHW811/42HS48-2 - 3D Printing Canada and was nothing but thrilled with the tradeoffs, and I didn’t really notice much in the way of negatives. At the same time I switched, I did firm up my structure, tightened up my v-grove wheels, etc. For me, having springy filament in a long tube caused more artifacts than weight on the X axis, so much so, that I added a second nozzle (this one is bowden), and up-sized my fans.