Nozzle X underextrusion

So i bought a Genuine E3D Nozzle X 0.4mm. I figured since my prusa mini uses E3d nozzles, the Nozzle X should be a simple addition with maybe a small temperature jump.

Well i bumped it from prusament pla @215 to 225 in 5° increments and it still wouldnt improve. I tried different filaments that I knew printed well just the day before and same underextrusion issue.

I double checked this nozzle had the 3 dimples which should indicate a 0.4mm nozzle. I even contacted prusa customer service and apart from my tension screw being a tadd bit loose, still not working half as well as before.

Long story short i went back to my original nozzle and the problems went away.

I know @kitedemon loves his nozzle x, which is a bit why I went and bought it over other hardened nozzles.

Im sure i could fiddle more with various settings but im not the most familiar with the values/settings in prusaslicer.

For the time being the nozzle will be waiting for me to finish rebuilding my other printer which ill try harder at hammering out what i need to make use of the nozzle x

So does anyone have any success stories with the nozzle x and have any recommendations?

Here is the underextrusion.

That pink filament is 3dpc store brand pla. Which printed well just the other day, and printed well after i went back to the stock nozzle.

damn… and I haven’t said yuk once today. until now.

Did you happen to try 190-205 range? I see your skirt line kinda looks … machine-gunned, was it making any noise?

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@Dr.Marvin im sorry the nozzle isn’t working well for you. That is a mess. I did find I needed a bit extra time for it to heat up. Not so much extra temperature but time. I usually set the printer to preheat and just give it a couple of minutes before sending the print. That is the only thing I have needed to do.

If is far heavier than brass and for me just needed a longer time to heat up.

I thought i did, but didnt have time to check how long i preheated it and thought i did.

Ill give it another go this weekend to see if i give it a good few minutes under a preheat if thatll help.

@kitedemon did you add 5° to your filamemt profiles and foes that apply to all profiles (pla, petg and tpu)?

I didnt try the lower temperatures yet, but if Alex’s suggestion proves unsuccessful ill do up a temp tower.

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I did orginally but at some point I changed computers and ended back with stock profiles. They were printing just fine so I never changed it again. I actually have not given the nozzle much thought lately, it is just working well for me.

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