Nozzles for Micro Swiss hot end?

THis might be a dumb question but are there special nozzles for the Micro Swiss hot end? I wanted to get some replacement nozzles to have on hand but I don’t know which ones I should get.

Which hotend are you using?

If it’s a Creality hotend any MK8 standard nozzles will work or any of the Micro Swiss MK8 nozzles.

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I have the Micro Swiss Direct drive and hot end.

Micro Swiss MK8 .4 (M2549-04), .6 (M2549-06).
Clone hardened MK8 .4 or .6 will work just fine.

These nozzles will work for PLA, PETG, PETG carbon fiber, Nylon, Nylon carbon fiber, metal filled, wood, glow in the dark.

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Are the Micro Swiss ones hardened as well or are the clone ones the ones you were referring to for working with all those filaments?

I don’ have a micrswiss but it should take the MK8s. I bought some time ago a E3D X nozzle it is fantastic and worth every cent. Although there is not a x in a mk8 there is the zodiac. I was talking to a friend last week and he thought they zodiac and X were basically the same. I know it has a big price tag but my experience with the X I would suggest seriously looking at it.

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I know nothing about the Zodiac or X. Why would one choose to get them?

They are expensive. I ages ago discovered most of my stringing issues was caused by worn nozzles. I also found nozzles wear out far faster than most believe. Some colors, and additives seem to increase wear, glow filaments, any fills (metal fill or wood fills) wear very fast and Carbon fiber is silly quick.

I also found many cloned nozzles just don’t print well. I thing the internal shape and poor quality machining.

The X nozzles and Zodiac are seriously hard. I think vanadium steel. In any case mine has printed maybe 50 rolls 5 carbon fiber rolls and as far as I can tell it has zero wear. They are coated with something that resists filament sticking to it and is slippery so it just lays filament down better. I thought before I had one that was just marketing. Now it is true it just works better. It is machined better and the coatings help.

It is heavy so I tend to preheat for a moment before I send the print, 3 mins or so it doesn’t need to come to temp just a moment extra to let the heat transfer well first. That is the only knock.

at the rate mine isn’t wearing I do not think I will need to replace it for years. I was going through nozzles almost weekly before.


Micro Swiss calls them “wear resistant” nozzles. They will work fine for all the filaments I mentioned.

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Seems like a worthwhile purchase then! Thanks!