Oakville, old guy, new to 3d printing

Hey all,

I have had the printer for a while now… FLSUN I3 plus - Prusa I3 knockoff.

I am really a vintage computer hobbyist, but I want cases for my projects and therefore want to print.

I really struggle with modifying models for printing. Is there anyone in the Oakville/Burlington/Mississauga area who would be willing to teach… help me get some of my stuff going?

I have printed some stuff off it. It works, I just need help to do it.


Hi James, welcome.

You need help with making models or modifying existing models toprint? What software are you wanting to learn?

Open to suggestions.

Fusion 360 has been suggested.

Curia 4.1 is my slicing program.


Fusion36o is a decent free or inexpensive cad program to make models. There a ton of resources for training for free for this. I recommend this one productdesignonline.com and his YouTube channel offer easy to follow tutorials and he"s available to answer questions readily. Fusion360nhas has had a lot of evolution and he’s done a good job keeping up…

Cura has a lot of resources too. Is this for your own creations?

No… not for the most part… maybe I get there… I am usually making cases for projects that have been made for retro computing… many of these have been designed by others, but since mine might not be the exact same as someone elses… maybe part size or wiring etc… changes might need to be made… I have tried on some… and seem to make the model worse… not better :slight_smile:

Os there something right now you are trying to do and finding you can’t? Maybe we can help one step at a time

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well playing with it today… and just having basic troubles of getting PL to feed and leveling the bed… AHHH joy 3d printing. :slight_smile:

Hi @Bikerbob

Are you looking to “modify models” or create your own?

Modifying an .stl is generally not a trivial operation and takes quite a bit of learning.

Could I suggest that you start with your own and look at TinkerCad? I know it’s really for kids, but it’s good introductory software that runs in a browser with a ton of tutorials/videos to explain how to work with it and what you need to do for 3D printed models.


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Hey, @Bikerbob Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you found us Happy to have you here. Getting the initial print done is a lesson in frustration but it all does come together, Trust me, After that it’s just fun.

Be sure to post up your questions, concerns or anything you have learned or printed, Others can take advantage of the adventure as well.

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Hi James.
Another Oakville old guy here. I’ve been using Freecad for over a year now and starting to get proficient-ish.
I can help get you rolling on that, if you like.
Example: I’m a carpenter by day, and a client asked me to take her theramin out of it’s plain-jane box and put it into a custom made coffin-shaped box. (So cliche)
But since the coffin will open, I needed a box to protect the (astounding bird’s nest of) wires the thing came with.
I’ll add a couple pics.


Hi @Bikerbob and @Ted … yet another old Oakville guy here … good to see others nearby in here! I’m an IT guy by day but really enjoy doing carpentry at night (including lots of 3d printing related to my shop – like dust collection adapters!). Store bought on left, my models/prints on right.


Nice! So funny because my first mission with cad-can and 3d printing was to make adapters so my power tools could connect with my festool vacuum.


Nice. Also fellow Oakvillian here, though im only 29. Its a fun hobby for me, feel free to ask for help if you have any difficulties.

WOW>. very cool Gerk!.. look great… VERY SMOOTH… what kind of printer does that kind of quality???

Sorry… I missed this post… YES looks great… This is the type of thing I am doing. Dr. Marvin has been a fantastic help. I am in my busy season at work… so 3d printing is a bit in the background at the moment, but there are several items I would like to get printed. So are pushing the 220mm limit of my printer… But would also love to modify some models I find on thingyverse… and that has been challenging. I have a space where we can setup machines and play. But not at the moment… :slight_smile:

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I printed those with my Ender 3 Max I believe.

Sounds fun. Any time.