Octolapse best practices

Please share your best Octolapse settings, or any suggestions on how to get the best output possible!

Jigglypuff kuchikopi

I’ve had great luck using Octolapse for most of my prints, my only complaint is it gives the surface of whatever I’m printing a bit of a weird texture sometimes.

I had my firsts major failure while using Octolapse printing over night last night… there were six major layer shifts in my Handsome Squidward yarn bowl model here (the one on the right is what it’s supposed to look like). I’m not sure what steps to take to remedy this, other than disabling the plugin entirely. Any advice would be appreciated!

Just a stab in the dark here, are you parking the print head all the way to one side when the photo is taken? and is the movement speed really fast when doing so? i’m wondering is it occasionally hits the frame or something when parking causing it to think the print head is in the right spot when it is in fact not. I haven’t had much luck with octolaps myself so this is just a guess.

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Yes, that might be what was happening here! I did have it set up to move the print head center left for each photo, so there was a lot of jerking back and forth. Then this afternoon I tried printing the model again with Octolapse disabled and it did a layer shift again at the same spot :woman_facepalming: Time to tighten my belts!

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