Octophone (plus 15 characters)

So this may fit better in the 3d printing news, but id like to see more discussion on it so ive put it here for that reason.

Thomas Sandlander uploaded a video about how to make use of an old phone in place of a rasberry pi. Which at this time i think it could be a fair assumption that atleast a spare phone may be lying around.

Here is the Video

Ill be trying to update this post as i have 3 random old phones id love to try and make this a thing.

Im excited to see and discuss this idea with anyone else who is curious how this works out, and or has expierence with getting octopi working.

Do note i am almost totally unfamiliar with programming pi computers, i bought my current pi pre programmed and am amazed with it. I just haven’t had the time/interest to learn the pi. hopefully this helps me move forward onto that path.

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