OctoPrint ArcWelder Problem

Has anyone used the ArcWelder plugin for OctoPrint?

I downloaded it and it immediately converts any file you add to OctoPrint into the original file plus the same file with “AW” in the name with, supposedly, ArcWelder changes made.

I finally decided to try it out. Sorry about the crappy lighting. In each of these photos, the original gcode model is on the left, the ArcWelder gcode model is on the right.

Does anyone else get results like this? Is the ArcWelder plugin just defective, or is there something about my model that doesn’t lend itself to using it?

Did you make sure the firmware of the printer support gcode for arc (G2, G3)?

Hmm. No. I did not know that was necessary, but it has all the appearances of a model where steps have been missed. That makes perfect sense, now that you point it out.

It’s Marlin firmware for the Ender 5Pro updated when I first bought it a year ago.