Odd issue with my Ender 3 V3 KE

Hey everyone. I have been running my KE for about a month or so now, and the odd time I have a weird issue. As it prints the base of say a mini, or something small, sometimes, it seems to offset the print so that instead of making something all in one piece, it moves one of the layers forward, then starts building on that (see pics).

I did two test calibration prints, one on a cube, one on a cylinder. There was no “leaning step” in either, but I noticed the dimensions were off. The cylinder was very slightly oval instead of round, and the cube, on the X side was 1.8mm, and the Y side was 1.9mm.

Not sure if that is what is causing my issue, or what. I was using the Creality Slicing program, but downloaded Pursa. It is still doing it with the new slicer.

Any ideas what is causing this?

I have had this type of error on many machines. I think it is just a glitch with the model. My fix was to rotate the model 15 degrees (on Z axis) and all seems to get fixed. Ghost in the machine stuff.

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Sometimes the g code has a fault in it.

The odd thing is, I was printing some tiny roman barracks buildings…a few came out with the lean, a few didn’t. It is perplexing…

Ok I will give that a try! (rotating it 15 degrees)

These look to me like layer shifts, which would especially make sense if this is the KE variant.

Since it is moving so fast occasionally the printer skips a step or bumps into the part or something like that which offsets the position, the printer can’t account for this though and will continue to print at the incorrect location.

You can try slowing your speeds down by around 50mm/s or so at a time and see if this helps to remedy this situation. It’s not impossible that this is being caused by slicer issues, but with the frequency this is occuring at I am more inclined to believe layer shifts may be the culprit.

Edit* also make sure the belts are properly tensioned on both axis, not too loose not too tight.

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Welcome to 3D printing.

If you are printing tiny things it helps to slow the prints down.

I was printing some very small cable clips and I had to reduce the print speed to 10mm/sec to get good ones.

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Ok thanks for the advice everyone! I will continue on with the printing and see what happens.