Odd layers at regular intervals across prints

One of my ender 3 printers consistently introduces these odd layer defects at the same layer hight on each print. What would this error be called and how could I tune it out of the machine. My CR10 and other ender 3don’t have this problem.

It looks like a binding in the z axis, have you shimmed the stepper motor to ensure its not binding?

might be a bad vwheel but more than likely its in the Z screw

Jason H

I haven’t. This is my older ender 3 of the two. what is the process of shimming the z axis motor? is this an official fix from creality with a particular part?

I had/have similar. Seemed to be dents in my v-grove wheels when they sat too long in the same place. Now I obsessively rotate all 12 of them, even on days I’m not printing. 1/4 turn on wheel #1, half on, #2, 1/4 the other way on #3, spread out the dents is my theory. Seems to have solved my issue

its not official but here is a print of the shim I’m referring to, its was an issue on the earlier ender 3s.

Just for curiosity, what’s the distance between your z bands? it looks like about the same distance between them on the same print.

if its a bad Vwheel the distance on the prints would be uniform…

Thank you I will try this out. the thought on an issue with the wheel makes a lot of sense considering the regular repeating pattern.

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I just have this slight slanted wave, difficult to see, showing up still. I have new wheels coming from 3dprintingcanada.com, so we’ll see.

seams to be every 2.5 inches

Circumference = π * Diameter, so
D = C/π = 2.5/3.1415 = 0.8 inches,
which is pretty close to a wheel diameter…

would a bad V wheel be something you could feel on the wheel or might it be something related to the interior bearings of the wheel that one can not feel on the outer surface?

I’m guessing you might need to have the wheel off the machine to feel an internal bearing issue, but I’m not sure

that would be my experience, you at least need to get it disconnected from everything else to feel it.

if its a vwheel it would be placed just about every 3 inches, , 78 CM mathematically, although technically the wheels roll inside the v so it would actually be a little smaller, 2.5 sounds right.

replace them with creativity wheels or does 3d printing canada recommended an upgraded part?

we carry the creality replacements and the clear ones, Let me post a couple of links below

Hope this helps
Jason H