Official Creality CR-10 V2 Blower fan 5015 24V IN STOCK

Can someone from 3DPC have a peek at these fans and post what the current draw is on them? should be on the label.

SKU: 4004110002

is this it?

That would work. thanks! I’ll get them on order. someone overstated the draw on these and I think he was talking about ones labeled for 12v

I really don’t know much about 3D printers, but your request gave me a challenge to search the www. I saw other 24v fans with .2A.

.2a might be too much but .1 or about should be fine. I wanted to know what the 3Dpc ones were. the printers take 2 smaller fans and I’m told not to overload the daughterboard with too much current from these fans. I thought this was a fan you got from them

yeah, those .2s where not 5015s