Official Simplify3d Download link

Does anyone know if Simplify is still a viable software? They have not posted anything on their website for months and their Version 5 is months late. I worry they may not be around much longer but that is just speculation.

While I’ve been using Simplify for quite awhile and I like it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy it until they release the next update.
I’m looking at trying out Prusa slicer. From what I hear, some of the options will put Simplify to shame.

I had tried Simplfy but to be honest I prefer Prusa slicer. They are updating it so quickly that simplfy IMO is behind and is going to have a hard time catching up fast enough to justify the price tag.

IMO If you spend the time configuring it correctly cura works fine, is update fairly regular and the best part it’s free :slight_smile:

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I have just bought simplify 3d I hope I didn’t waste my money